Hi! I’m Truman. Welcome to BrownGrafix!

Whether deliberately or by divine accident, you’ve stumbled upon my personal website (or as my WordPress tagline quips: “A Virtual Vitrine of Truman’s Stuff“). Some of this stuff is good, and some of this stuff is not-so-good, but for better or worse it is all my stuff and I enjoy showing it off. I hope you enjoy looking at it.

Stuff about me:

  • I’ve been a personal-computing hobbyist for about the past 30 years, concentrating primarily in the area of computer graphics.
  • In my day job, I am a systems analyst (AKA “computer guy”) who supports about 150 people trapped in beige cubicles someplace in the heart of Los Angeles.  I provide them with skilled, magical relief from their daily high-tech headaches.
  • I am a former U.S. Marine, a compulsive junk collector, an avid gardener and extreme vermi-composting fanatic.
  • My first personal computer was a Timex Sinclair TS1000.  I spent a wonderful two years learning how to program in Z80 Assembly Language on that $100 miracle machine that my mom was kind enough to buy for me.
  • My favorite coffee mug is over 30 years old.  So is my favorite t-shirt.
  • In addition to Management Information Systems, I have a degree in Photo-Offset Lithography.
  • While I’m not much of a writer, I have one obscure literary claim-to-fame: I contributed a chapter to the 1994 SAMS best-seller “PC Graphics Unleashed“. I’m proud to say that my chapter was a page-turner!

Thanks for dropping by and checking out my stuff.

I really appreciate it. If you like what you see and feel so inclined, please subscribe to me on YouTube.


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  1. Hello, dear Truman! Please confess, is that you who created this fractal ouroborotic universe of ours a.k.a. the Truman Show? 🙂 If so, may I kindly and directly greet you at last :)) Well, seems like we are all parts of the Fractal, ever so playing oblivious and detached..)

    Having watched a lot of mandelbulber et al. videos on the web, and being a 3D artist myself, I’d like to thank you for creating something that really stands out, your taste in shapes, shading, color and sound (yes, a vital part!) is just top notch! There’s also a cinematographic touch to your works, which is something quite unique for the genre! I dig your camera movement and parameter spinning in accord with music 🙂

    I’ve followed the link to your website, read about you and I’m happy to find out that you’re truly a multifaceted gem of a man. Feels like an allied soul! May the inexhaustible inspiration unfold fractally in your heart and mysteries of the universe truly falsely divided unravel in your mind likewise. And may you always have the power to control the fractal flow at your will, for there are moments to be contemplated in stillness and moments to be fast forwarded.

    A lot of words due to inability to express silence.
    Warm regards and much love from Russia!
    cpt. A

    • Wow, thank you Captain! I haven’t checked my comments on the site for a while, so finding yours was a wonderful treat. Best regards, Truman

  2. Your work is fantastic! Im surprised the videos have less than 1k views on youtube. Anyway I wanted to ask if is it possible for you to do album art for my band? Our music matches the visuals quite alot.

    • Sorry for the delayed response. Sure, please send me an e-mail regarding this rather than responding to this post. Thanks. Best regards, Truman

  3. I would love to hire you for some 3D work.

    Please get back to me if you’re interested, and we can discuss further details.

    Thanks and keep up the mindblowing work!

  4. Hi! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely
    enjoy reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that
    go over the same topics? Appreciate it!

    • Hi, thanks, I’m really happy to hear that you enjoy my posts. In regard to other websites that cover similar topics, there is the granddaddy of all things fractal: http://www.fractalforums.org. They cover just about anything and everything related to 2D and 3D fractals. For general digital art, I enjoy browsing http://www.deviantart.com. There are a lot of amazing artists in the world, and they like to post their work there. Hope that helps!

  5. Hey Truman! Saw the youtube video of fractal animation [3D Fractal Animation_ A Gyre of Stannic Eminences].
    May I please use the video so I can put my music with it? I am a musician who just posts on Facebook and Youtube. I am always after clips that would go well with my music. Is this possible to do with your permission? The clip is amazing. On Facebook I go by the name visitors[AUS] because I am an Aussie. Thanks for your time!

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