Paracosm: another 3D fractal animation

Maya Angelou once said “If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform a million realities.

As the “new normals” and “uncertain times” of our post-2020 quotidian realities have quickly eroded into routine and resentment, I hope that this brief fractal fantasy will bring you a few moments of pleasant escape from the next news cycle.

Enjoy and stay safe.

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Paracosm: another 3D fractal animation — 3 Comments

  1. Simply Amazing !!! Watching your 3D Fractal Animation was truly a transforming moment for me as I watched in amazing exciting joy. I was reminded of so many futuristic movies that I’ve seen over the years that had some aspect of your grafixs.

    No doubt about it, your work will be recognized in a very big way as we move forward. Keep on producing quality work.

  2. Is it ok that i use this playing on a screen behind me for a live DJ Stream. Ill give credit afterward. Its not for profit, I just love them and want to share them with everybody.