A Dragon’s Tail

As noted in this video’s YouTube description: “In honor of National Appreciate A Dragon Day 2022, I present ‘A Dragon’s Tail [Tale]’ – a glassy, 3D flight of fractal fantasy into the lair of a mythic monster. Enjoy.”

As some of you know, I am recently retired (2020), having spent over 31 years slaying one technical dragon after another for other people.

Now, with a smile, I am living happily-ever-after and I am wishing this same good fortune for you and yours.

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A Dragon’s Tail — 4 Comments

    • Hi Truman : Jackie and I am always amazed at how you can put all of the pieces together to create such a product. You have been truly blessed with this talent and we believe that one day, we don’t when, you are going to be rewarded beyond your imagination. So, keep on gathering and producing quality products because it’s going to happen. God has something good in store for you and Madrid.