Musical Improvement

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not “Grafix”, but hey …

I’ve been messing around with FL Studio since 2001, beginning with version 3 of what used to be FruityLoops. I bought a legal lifetime license not too many years after that. When I first started playing with FL Studio, I didn’t know a thing about music theory or composition (and to be quite honest – I still don’t). But I do believe that I’ve made a tiny bit of improvement over the past decade.

I created this song (if you can call it that) with FruityLoops v3.0 back in 2001:


I wrote this with FL Studio v9.1 last year (2010):

The One She Likes

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Musical Improvement — 1 Comment

  1. Sir, I Just found your page again.
    You may not remember but I asked you about a year and a half to 2 years ago about you using other music for one of your Visual Ideas. I compose music and I like your 3D and other creations that I wondered how one of my Musical creations could hold up together. So Im asking again, would you mind interviewing one of my songs for a trial in one of your youtube videos. I could use one of your present youtube videos and reScore it if thats ok with you. That way I can hit some points in the art video and treat it like a movie scene.

    I just need your ok.