Mandelbulb3D Animation: Sylph Symmography

Yes, this brief slice of Celtic rhythms and colors has a weird name. As described by A sylph is a lovely, slim young woman or girl. You could describe a row of graceful ballerinas as sylphs. A sylph is … Continue reading

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A Downbeat of Concrete Coral

Reminiscent of a giant block of concrete spinning quietly in space, this morphing 3D Koch fractal is slow and meditative.

Sit back, relax, and veg-out.

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Vitric Visions Series

Vitric Visions is a three-part series of Mandelbulb 3D animations where I experimented with animating transparent fractals. About the videos: VV #1 was an initial test, and as such came out kinda bland (at least in my humble opinion). But … Continue reading

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In Silico – a posse ad esse

Kind of a odd name for a video, huh? So what’s it mean? Well, the definition of the Dog-Latin phrase “In Silico” is: “done or produced by using computer software or simulation”. The definition of the Latin phrase “a posse … Continue reading

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Mandelbulb3D Animation: Dark Folds (2014)

After way too much procrastinating, TV watching, and just general laziness, I finally decided to put the finishing touches on this short animation this prior weekend. Regarding this video: the hardest part was finding the right music to accompany the … Continue reading

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