A Gathering on Meerkat Isle

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve taken a somewhat long break from posting new content. Unfortunately, time, energy and circumstances have not been good friends with me during this recent year, so my productivity had come to a bit of a stand-still. In light of all that, I was very excited to recently discover FlowScape, an amazing little program that lets you create breathtaking 3D landscapes, images, and videos with minimal investment in time and effort.

Just what the doctor ordered! Easy graphics!

Boy, I’m so happy to be living in the future. Back in the day, I can remember spending literally weeks coding, rendering, recoding and re-rendering a single Persistence of Vision (POVRay) image until my PC passed out from exhaustion. Even now, a single frame of my 3D fractal animations can take as long as 4-6 hours to render, depending on its complexity. This FlowScape animation that I’m posting today took me all of one (1) day to build, render, and edit to video. One. Day.

I hope that you like it. I know it’s a bit silly and pointless, and yes – I know some of the little critters are badly positioned. But most of them look OK though, huh?

More to come (sometime) in the near future.


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A Gathering on Meerkat Isle — 6 Comments

  1. So is that a meeting of meerkats, or more like a mob?

    (Technically, it would be a “mob” or “gang,” but that’s just pedantic.)

    • I dunno. I thought they were all just waiting for Alan, until I realized Alan was a marmot.

  2. OK, so I took a look at the Flowscape site. Unless I’m missing something, no built-in key-framing, animation, etc? And you did this in ONE DAY???? Dude, are you an alien??? WTF????? Mad skillz!!! 5 Stars!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’ve posted recommendations on Discord to PixelForest (the Flowscape developer) suggesting key-framing in future releases, but I don’t think that’s the direction he wants to go. We’ll see though.