360° of Enlightenment

Four years ago I published a 3D fractal video called “Enlightenment”. At that time I naively assumed that the literal, spiritual, and historic themes of the video would be crystal clear and obvious to everyone. Well, they were not. Understandably, most people could not get past the thematic choices of the religious background music. I get it.

However …

At the risk of being petulant, I’d like to go on record as noting that there were several symbolic “enlightenment” themes strung throughout that video, including the wonder and beauty of physical lighting, the Age of Reason and the demise of the power of the 18th century Catholic Church, and the turning of the Buddist Dharmachackra and the Noble Eightfold Path.

Yes, seriously.

But hey, If you didn’t get any of that, no worries. Art is a wonderful disconnect between the intent of the creator and imagination of the beholder. And sometimes the creator really overthinks things poorly.

Now, for your current divertissement, here’s a 360 degree re-visitation of Enlightenment, sans symbolism. Please slip on those headsets and enjoy.

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360° of Enlightenment — 4 Comments

  1. Truman,

    Jackie and I just spent 45 minutes looking at your most recent 360 Degree 3D of Enlightenment and several others. “Mind over Matter” and you have a great mind. It still a miracle how you do it. But, keep on doing it because God has something good in store for you. Your day will come sooner than you think. We will keep sharing with family and friends.

  2. I love it. 😀 you don’t come off as petulant. but there is a certain… if I may, political suggestion occurring when you choose to make some symbolism more explicit than others.