Mandelbulb3D Animation: Sylph Symmography

Yes, this brief slice of Celtic rhythms and colors has a weird name.

As described by

A sylph is a lovely, slim young woman or girl. You could describe a row of graceful ballerinas as sylphs.

A sylph is always young, female, and slender, moving with an almost otherworldly lightness and grace. The original meaning of sylph was a mythical fairy-like creature, an air spirit that’s mentioned by the poet Alexander Pope and appears in several Shakespeare plays as well.

As defined by the Oxford English Dictionary:

Symmography is an art form using yarn, wood, and nails as the media

Or in other words, string-art.

I married these two phrases together because this video reminds me of a stringy, yet gracefully ethereal entity dancing on high (and as fractals are “self similar” by nature, the word-play was too serendipitous to avoid).


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Mandelbulb3D Animation: Sylph Symmography — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Truman Brown,
    I am a visual artist, professor at the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen. I am currently working on a research-project, and I really like your work – Especially Surface III. I am looking for someone to produce a similar movement through a 3D-fractal for me. (Or alternatively, I would be interested in using Surface III, if you would let me). It is for a small film about a woman who has a dream. I have a budget – though not in film-production-scale, only artistic-research-scale. I have a couple of deadline coming up this spring, and I don’t know how long time it takes to render these. However, please do contact me as I really like your work and would like to see if we can figure something out:
    All the best, Katya