Download: DOS Programs

In the waning days of MSDOS, I wrote a few utility programs in the hopes of becoming a shareware millionaire. These programs were primarily script generators for the DKB/POVRay ( and Vivid raytracers.

Needless to say, I’m not a millionaire. Nor thousandaire. Nor even a hundredaire. So that didn’t work out very well. [insert sad face here]

Be that as it may, if you’re into collecting obsolete programs, for whatever reasons, feel free to download them here:


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Download: DOS Programs — 4 Comments

  1. Hi.
    I found your wonderful website only yesterday, coming from your posts in YouTube.
    Congratulation for your works! They are very beautiful.

    Do you have also higher resolution versions for your 3D fractals videos? If you have, it could be interesting to post them ( or posting a download link ). I really enjoy watching them.

    I was wondering if you know Filter Forge. It is used to create textures and effects to apply to an image. It works as stand-alone or as plugin for Photoshop.
    You can see it here :
    I thought that, in case you don’t know it, it may be interesting for you to try.
    The website has an online library where everybody can post the filters that they created.



    • Hi Ramlyn,

      Yes, I have thought about posting some higher resolution videos for download, but haven’t acted on it out of concerns for bandwidth. That may change in the future, possibly. And yes, I’ve heard of Filter Forge, and I’ve tried it too. Unfortunately, I’m very heavily focused on fractals these days, so that leaves very little time to explore other past-times like programming. Thanks for the info though.

  2. Hi Truman,
    believe it or not but I am still using CTDS 3.0 to generate objects for raytracing. It’s a great tool which saves a lot of time when it comes to building objects with spheres and cones. And I use Spiral 2.2, too. Yes, I am kind of a fossil but working under MS DOS with programs like yours is a pure pleasure.
    I am just working on a raytracing website which deals with math objects and using POV-Ray as raytracing engine. I will let you when I publish it.
    Stay healthy!

    • Wow, that’s awesome Oswald! Glad to hear there’s still some value in those old programs!

      (Sorry for the late response. I am VERY slow at checking things here on the website.)